Entheogenic Design

The Vrindavan Project | Architecture and Interior Design

Start Date March 2017

Completion Date March 2021

Project Location  Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India


Project Type Residential, House, Bungalow, Villa, Mansion

Project Materials
Load bearing, disaster resistant structure.
Stone Masonry Continuous Foundations
RCC Plinth, Lintel and Roof Tie Beams
Exposed Country Brick Tile Masonry
Exposed Imperial Brick Masonry
Terracotta Pot Roof Filler Slabs
Exposed Brick Jack Arch Roofing
Insulated Metal and Wooden Soffit Hip Roof
Seasoned Teak Wood Fenestration Carpentry
Natural Stone Floors, Counter Surfaces, Sills
Built-in Furniture Elements and Fixtures
Recycled Wooden Load Bearing Columns
Lotus Pond, Water Body Pool with Cascade
Handmade Ceramic Wall Tiles

Project Built-up Area  10,000 sq.ft

Entheogenic Design – Dawn of the ‘Satya Yuga’ (Age of Truth)

(Entheogen) Etymology – Ancient Greek (éntheos) and (gen`ésthai).

The adjective ‘Entheos’ translates to English as “Full of God, Inspired, Possessed”

The adjective ‘Genesthai’ translates to English as “To come into Being.”

Spirit is in the process of unfolding through matter, by its involved complexity. Should our linear conceptions of temporal and spatial evolution be set aside, we may notice that every possible Reality could be occurring simultaneously; for history itself would be but a flicker, when measured up against an Infinite and Eternal canvas of creativity.

We occupy a realm where to the best of our analytical capacities, it is found that regardless of how finely we divide space or take matter apart, there seems to be no end in sight. The deeper we go; the further any ‘fundamental’ unit seems to get, as depth within every quantum of space is apparently infinite. Similarly, we appear in a universe infinitely large, now seen to be composed of building blocks, that are in turn, infinitely small… and Humanity stands on the knife edge, Aware as some scalar median.

The same goes for time… where we can dissect micro, milli, nano seconds and so on, but there is no identifiable ‘zero time’, which also effectively implies that every moment is actually endless. We are infinite and eternal, yet also fleeting and miniscule.

If we step back and look at what we are dealing with, it can be seen that human conceptions of Divine Reality are starting to resemble the Nature – of our own reality; which leads to a contemplation that this Existence could potentially be a Divine field of action.


Every point of time and space, now shown through entanglement to be fundamentally connected; separate only to restrained and narrow perception. Every aspect of the Action is perfection; a fact denied only by Ego, which strays through a fantasy of being the Driver… or separate from the Whole.

A Spiritually Inspired development paradigm is nothing more complex than an answer to ‘The Call’ that we all hear. There is almost no ambiguity, as to what the highest expectations from Us are. Should any doubts remain; this sense of connection, Love, obligation and responsibility for our context can be explained… as a natural extension of the same intuitive care for one’s own mind, body and being.

Tools to achieve Convergence are already at our disposal, for we are literally ‘growing’ the macro-biological tissue of the greater resultant organism that our Species is weaving itself into. Contextual, environmental and ecological sensitivity is a default setting, or precondition; necessary for composed and consistent Spiritually guided praxis.

Only by experiencing personal, individual sustained Awakening and profound Self-actualization, can we aspire for the opportunity to continually Serve, with perseverance, surrender, acceptance of limitations… and Faith. With critical mass and momentum in this direction, what must be done will be collectively understood… and our true Vocation revealed by Grace.

Layout Plan – Ground Floor

Layout Plan – First Floor

Layout Plan – Second Floor